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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

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Ben Cricchi


Concrete Jungle: Recent violent crimes in and around downtown Baltimore are creating fear and insecurity in Baltimore's homeless community. | Concrete Jungle by Jay Sandler

Surf's Down: Come Cold or Crowds, Ocean City Surfing Is a Way of Life | Feature by Chris Landers

Dorothy Pitts: 1935-2008: Dorothy Pitts Co-Founded The Westsiders Marching Band in The 1960s | Mobtown Beat by Charles Cohen

Murder Ink | The Mail | Mobtown Beat



Gun Lobbying: It was surprising but not necessarily a surprise when Mother Jones magazine recently uncovered the true identity of a woman, Mary Lou Sapone, who spent the better part of 10 years as a paid spy inside the anti-gun violence movement. | Political Animal by Brian Morton

Social Studies



Dirt Farm: by Ben Claassen III

Lulu Eightball: by Emily Flake

Super Amazing Adventures: by Chris Minetree



Joysticks Division: Video Games Inspire Music, Art in Third-Annual Festival | The Arts by Martin L. Johnson

These Here Separated to See How They Standing Alone or The Soundtracks of Six Films by Stephanie Barber: The films of local artist Stephanie Barber are insouciant forays into the very nature of existence. | Art by Bret McCabe

Adorn Identity: Group Show Cursorily Examines Whom We Are | Art by Kate Noonan



Getachew Mekuria and the Ex: A Web-Exclusive Interview | Q+A by Bret McCabe

Back to The Future: Appreciating The Sublime Vacuum Rock of The Vivian Girls and The Crystal Stilts | Music by Mike McGonigal

A Day At The Track: Virgin Mobile Fest, Pimlico Race Course, Aug. 9-10 | Feedback by Neil Ferguson

Full Circle: Pete Seeger, Aug. 8, McDaniel College | Feedback by Robbie Whelan

The Black Ghosts: The Black Ghosts | Review by Michaelangelo Matos

Css: Donkey | Review by Judy Berman

Lloyd: Lessons in Love | Review by Michaelangelo Matos

Nisennenmondai: Neji/Tori | Review by Raymond Cummings

The Short List



Talking About The Relationships: Woody Allen Muses Over The Women in His Movies | Film by Cole Haddon

The Last Mistress | Review by Bret McCabe

Star Wars: The Clone Wars | Review by G. Brian Davis

Tropic Thunder | Review by Cole Haddon

Dr. No | Review by Joe MacLeod

Hell Ride | Review by Joe MacLeod

Henry Poole is Here | Review by Corey Hall

Man on Wire | Review by Martin L. Johnson

Vicky Christina Barcelona | Review by Bret McCabe



Lahore Kabob House | Review by Lee Gardner

Bedrock | Review by Michael Byrne

Eat Me


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