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Wednesday, August 18, 1999

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Ken Royster


You Auto Know: When an area motorist recently moved from Hampden to a house 10 feet north of the city line, he experienced the reverse sticker shock of all fleeing Baltimoreans: His car insurance rates dropped from $800 per year to $520—a 35 percent savings. | Ballot Stuffing

Digital Disclosure: Campaign Finances | Campaign Beat

Saint Joan?: Will Her Record or Reputation Re-elect Comptroller Pratt? | Campaign Beat

Here Goes Nothing: Six Challengers Face the Inevitable in the 5th | Campaign Beat

Full of Beans: When Louis Pfefferkorn (pictured) talks about his grandfather delivering fresh-roasted coffee by horse and wagon from Camden Street into the hinterlands of Ellicott City, it may sound like he’s talking about the industry’s good-old days. | Charmed Life by Charles Cohen

Southern Culture Hits the Skids: Rednecks, White Panties, and Blue Ribbon Beer at Sleazefest ‘99 | Feature by Tom Scocca

Screen Plays: Resurrections of Orpheum, Grand Might Be in Offing | Mobtown Beat by Brennen Jensen

No Comment: At its July 13 meeting, Baltimore’s !ew Board of School Commissioners unveiled a new public-comment policy for board meetings, laying out when parents, teachers, and others wishing to rant and rave may do so, and what issues they may rant and rave about. | The Nose

The Mail



Business as Usual: What this group will likely come up with isn’t a vision for the Internet but a vision for a well-guarded shopping mall. | Cyberpunk by Joab Jackson

In the beginning. . .: The battle I thought had been more or less settled in 1925 rages on. | Urban Rhythms by Wiley Hall III

Incredible Hulk: I do not watch McGwire for the same reason I don’t watch preseason football: The spectacle is phony, grotesque, and pointless. | 8 Upper by Tom Scocca

Infantilism: ...One mother’s love for her particular child doesn’t entail a shift of priorities for the whole universe, no matter how much she’d like to think so. | Underwhelmed by Sandy Asirvatham



Mystery Meat: An Exhibit of All-Natural Work at MAP Evades Easy Interpretation | Art by Mike Giuliano

Heaven and Hell: BPF Offers Evil Men and a Good Angel of Death | Stage by Mike Giuliano



Hot Honey Magnet | Review by Natalie Davis



Teaching Mrs. Tingle | Review by Sono Motoyama



China Best | Review by Susan Fradkin


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