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Wednesday, August 19, 2009


#Everything: A million conversations are going on right now on Twitter--what do they have to say to you | Feature by Joab Jackson

Unjust Enrichment?: Prominent realtor Vito Simone faces fraud charges | Mobtown Beat by Edward Ericson Jr.

Councilmania | Murder Ink | The Mail



Red Line Fever: I am a resident of the City of Baltimore, and I am very excited about this new Red Line. | Mr. Wrong by Joe MacLeod



Dirt Farm: by Ben Claassen III

Important Comics: by Dina Kelberman

Lulu Eightball: by Emily Flake



The Bong Goodbye: Thomas Pynchon skewers America's political history in his endlessly entertaining variation on the detective yarn | Arts and Entertainment by Bret McCabe

Q & A: Jessica Hopper: A conversation with the music writer, This American Life consultant and author of The Girls' Guide to Rocking | Books by Raymond Cummings

Heal the Pain?: Latest Baltimore Playwrights Festival entry wanders into choppy spiritual waters | Stage by Bret McCabe

An Expensive Education by Nick Mcdonell | Review by Bret McCabe

Curtain Time | Quick Sketches



Back in Naam: NYC trio puts a fine finish on sludge | Music by Michaelangelo Matos

Oak | Review by Michael Byrne

The Entrance Band: The Entrance Band | Review by Michael Byrne

The Short List



Inglourious Basterds | Review by Bret McCabe

Adam | Review by Jeff Niesel

London to Brighton | Review by Bret McCabe



Catonsville Gourmet | Review by Mary K. Zajac

Roland Park Bagel Co. | Review by Bret McCabe


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