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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

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Andy Cook


Progress Report: City Paper's Annual Comics Issue | Comics Feature

Iron Men: Geppi's Museum May Preserve Comic Book Heroes in Amber, But They Don't Need the Help | Comics Feature by Violet LeVoit

Comical: The Sixth Annual City Paper Comics Contest | Comics Feature

Comics Feature | Comics Feature | Comics Feature | Comics Feature | Comics Feature | Comics Feature | Comics Feature



Shut Your Pie Hole: Mouthy Judge Faces Rare Suspension | Mobtown Beat by Van Smith

In Ruins: City begins dismantling falling-down building at 1313 Valley St. | Mobtown Beat by Edward Ericson Jr.

Open Perjury: Maryland Board for Professional Engineers suspends license of Baltimore | Quick and Dirty by Edward Ericson Jr.

Murder Ink | The Mail



A Lousy Gamble: Ever since Ronald Reagan graced the national scene, Republicans across the country at both state and national levels have always run against Democrats using the same mantra: "They'll raise your taxes." Part of this is the legacy of Reagan's belief in "the Laffer Curve," an economic shell game of a theory that says the more you cut taxes, the more revenues go up. | Political Animal by Brian Morton

Comics and Me: Y'know, I could get into some highfalutin analysis about comics as an indigenous American art form and its ability to allow an artist to maintain the purity of his or her vision. | Social Studies by Vincent Williams



Dirt Farm: by Ben Claassen III

Lulu Eightball: by Emily Flake



Collective Perspective: A Progressive Local Art Exhibition Births A Progressive Local Publication | The Arts by Martin L. Johnson

Looking Awry: Debut Show Offers Moment To Consider What We Look For When We Look At Contemporary Photography | Art by Deborah McLeod

Playing by Art: The Gallery Talk Is Just The Patina Coating A Feral Love Triangle | Stage by Geoffrey Himes

Electricity by Ray Robinson | Review by Charlotte Benedetto



Pushing Buttons: Georgia Quartet The Black Lips Grows Up By Staying Young | Music by Tony Ware

In the Traditional: The Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra With Wynton Marsalis, Shriver Hall, Sept. 8 | Feedback by Geoffrey Himes

Black Moth Super Rainbow: Dandelion Gum | Review by Michaelangelo Matos

Lawrence: Lowlights From the Past and Future | Review by Michaelangelo Matos

Common: Finding Forever | Review by Brandon Soderburg

UGK: Underground Kingz | Review by Brandon Soderburg

The New Pornographers: Challengers | Review by Allison Levin

Wzt Hearts: Threads Rope Spell Making Your Bones | Review by Bret McCabe

Sejayno: Laity | Review by Bret McCabe

Beastmaster: The Crush | Review by Bret McCabe

The Short List



Pall in the Family: Don Diego Ramirez turns a Devastating Personal Journey Into a Gripping Documentary | Film by Violet LeVoit

The King Of Kong: A Fistful Of Quarters | Review by Steve Erickson

The Brave One | Review by Ian Grey

The Hunting Party | Review by Bret McCabe

Trailer Trash: A Film Journal | Review by Violet LeVoit

Angel-A | Review by John Thomason

Mr. Woodcock | Review by Cole Haddon

Paprika | Review by Jeff Meyers

The Brothers Solomon | Review by Lauren Svrjcek

Goya's Ghosts | Review by Bret McCabe



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