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Wednesday, September 25, 2002

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Jefferson Jackson Steele


The Mobtown Connection: Was H.L. Mencken the Godfather of Hard-Boiled Fiction? | Big Books Feature by Tom Chalkley

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun: Confessions of a Sweet Valley Scribe | Big Books Feature by Lizzie Skurnick

No More Heroes: Comics: The Latest Medium to Test Fine-Arts Waters | Big Books Feature by Christopher Skokna

Everybody Must Get Stoned: Mass-Market Paperbacks Lull Our Reviewer Into Submission | Big Books Feature by Wendy Ward

Dazzlement, Enchantment, and Trash: Alfred Bester, Philip K. Dick, and the Apotheosis of Pulp Science Fiction | Big Books Feature by Mahinder Kingra

Pulp Revisited: Hardly anyone starts his or her reading life with Remembrance of Things Past, To the Lighthouse, and The Invisible Man. | Big Books Intro



Ready for His Closeup: Someday maybe you'll read all about Chris Myers (no relation to the CP photographer of the same... | Charmed Life by Brennen Jensen

How's it Goin?: by Christopher Myers

You Are What You Own: Question: Is the Nose an Urban Up and Comer? That is, do we fit the demographic of middle-income,... | The Nose

Tight Ship: Back in February, before drought stories became daily events in the local media, the Nose reported... | The Nose

-30-: In the past year as your humble ringmaster, I've angered Geraldo Rivera, been told off by the editor of The Sun, and disappointed... | Media Circus by Michael Anft

The Mail | Mobtown Beat



It's Good to Be You: You're Bobby Ehrlich, and life is grand.You've come from behind in the most recent polls, your... | Political Animal by Brian Morton

Don't Hate, Participate: Jesus Christ, what's it been, like, three fucking weeks? Where the hell was I? | Mr. Wrong by Joe MacLeod

Bridal Gloom: I'm getting married in three months to a wonderful man I've been living with for two years. | Think Mink by Mink Stole



"She's So Fine, It Makes Me Wanna Hurl!": Sept. 16-22, 2002 | Funny Paper by Scocca & MacLeod



Art | Stage | Stage | Stage



Dropping Brahms: Many things were out of whack at the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra's Sept. | Feedback by Josephine Yun

String Theory: For High Zero Stalwart Neil Feather, the Sweetest Sounds are the Ones He Hasn't Imagined Yet | Music by Bret McCabe

Out of This World: High Zero 2002 at a Glance | Music by Bret McCabe

Funky Old Patina: Raphael Saadiq and Big Moe Crib Soul and R&B and Hip-Hop and Rap and Jazz and . . . | Music by Tony Green



The Banger Sisters | Review by Richard Gorelick

The Four Feathers | Review by Richard Gorelick

Lawrence of Arabia | Review by Lee Gardner

Trouble in Paradise | Review by Eric Allen Hatch



Ambassador Dining Room | Review by Michelle Gienow

Ambassador Dining Room | Review by Michelle Gienow

Burritos En Fuego | Review by Michelle Gienow


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