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Unruly Records: Club Classics Vol. 3

Unruly Records: Club Classics Vol. 3

Release Date:2006
Genre:Club Music
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Unruly Records

By Jess Harvell | Posted 3/22/2006

Unruly slips another, long-awaited volume of Club Classics into a formerly ungrateful world now clamoring for club as the biggest thing since the last next big thing. Since the venerable label is forcing the music out of Charm City limits by any means necessary, hooded-eyed and flared-nostriled hipsters from Williamsburg to Hampden can now catch up on 10-plus years of club history. The first disc is 15 classic club tunes in full, unmixed form. Now, as any casual 92Q listener knows, club exists to be mixed and matched, chopped and nonstop. Listening to a club tune on its own is a bit like snipping a paragraph out of a novel—or at least an issue of Penthouse Forum. But if you really need to own a stand-alone copy of “These Freaks,” you got it.

The sinew and gristle of the collection is the second disc, where DJ Scottie B megamixes over 30 old-school favorites to freak your rocking chair in the privacy of your own home. You can hear the debt club owed to house music in the early days—swear to God there’s a sample from Basement Jaxx’s “Fly Life” in there, or maybe vice versa—even if B-more’s dick controllers got grimier than even the nastiest jack track. In a recent interview, Curtis “Cajmere” Jones claimed basic ignorance of club history, but knew damn well that B-more was one of the first places outside of Chicago to embrace his mighty “Percolator.” Listening to Club Classics Vol. 3 makes you wonder if, when Lil Jon talks about the “ghetto-ass house music” they used to play in ATL strip joints, club didn’t travel further outside the Beltway than anyone realized at the time.

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