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Scarface Presents the Product: One Hunid

Scarface Presents the Product: One Hunid

Release Date:2006
Genre:Hip Hop/Rap

By Tom Breihan | Posted 4/5/2006

Since releasing 2002’s drug-dealer-blues masterpiece The Fix, Scarface has stopped making major statements. He left Def Jam and quietly reunited with the Geto Boys for last year’s excellent The Foundation. While Houston, his hometown, became 2005’s big rap story, he stayed quiet, recording a few guest appearances and hinting that he was done with music. One Hunid isn’t a new Scarface album; it’s a showcase for two relative unknowns, San Francisco’s Will Hen and Mississippi’s Young Malice. Scarface only appears on certain tracks, and when he does he’s firmly on autopilot.

None of that especially matters. Even coasting, Scarface demands a close listen. His craggy, rumbling moan drips with emotion even when he’s just spouting clichés, and he’s still capable of breathlessly evocative verses. “Exhale, the sherm smoke filling up the ride/ Blood all over my button-down, Tony in the back quiet . . . A lot of niggas didn’t survive/ They died young, gasping for air, wondering why.”

One Hunid, produced by Bay area veteran Tone Capone, is all sweeping, bluesy gangsta laments, midtempo tracks painting sad, violent canvases. Hen and Malice play by Scarface’s rules, their conversational drawls only occasionally sounding out of place next to the legend. The album is a minor effort, and sometimes it drags, but Face’s bleak formalism remains in fine form throughout, and that alone makes One Hunid worthwhile.

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