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The Sexy 2: Os Os

The Sexy 2: Os Os

Label:Fuzzy Panda
Release Date:2006
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The Sexy 2

By J. Bowers | Posted 5/10/2006

Don’t be fooled by the name—the Sexy 2’s debut EP is the work of one man named Beau Finley and his slew of computers, effects processors, and acoustic guitars. Allegedly a concept album about a rejected Romeo who lives and works in a space station with only his cat for company, Os Os is much more accessible than the album notes would have you believe, juxtaposing ambient electronic pieces with catchy, mellow pop songs. It’s a strange combination, but Finley makes it work, using the serious-sounding instrumental passages to bookend his more lighthearted guitar-driven vocal turns.

Opener “Base Camp Departure” combines the best of both styles, starting with hissing electronic noise, then adding a staticlike hum around which a noodling, sweetly upbeat acoustic guitar curls. The disc’s highlight, “The Sky Is Falling,” churns along on guitar strum and high-hat, while Finley’s easy soprano references the Book of Revelation and the Beatles in the same sentence. “Linus” is an oddly serious homage to the anxiety-ridden Peanuts character where Finley wonders if cartoonist Charles Schulz’s death will force Linus to drop the blanket and move on with his life.

Sometimes Finley’s electronics-meets-guitar strategy does backfire horribly. Closing track “Microphone” is a mishmash of processed effects and guitar that never resolves into anything melodic—clearly Finley’s strong suit. Thankfully the first melodically rich three-quarters of Os Os outweigh this final misstep.

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