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Ms. Stress: Surviving Life

Ms. Stress: Surviving Life

Label:Stressed-Out Entertainment
Release Date:2006
Genre:Hip Hop/Rap
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Ms. Stress

By Jaye Hunnie | Posted 5/10/2006

Ms. Stress Surviving Life (Stressed-Out Entertainment) Ms. Stress, the reigning Strictly Hip-Hop Madame of Murderland freestyle champion for two years in a row, hits us with a solid debut that proves she’s more than a battle rapper (Arts & Entertainment, Oct. 12, 2005). Surviving Life is multifaceted with gems that flesh out her persona beyond the boasting and aggression. “Addiction,” featuring the melodic voice of Kelita Samone on the hook, is the testimony of a hip-hop fiend showing love to the music’s well-known legends as well as much-deserving local artists. “Life, Money, and Music” is about just that, three things that can be so easily taken for granted: “Life, money, and music/ Too many abuse it/ Hold on to what’s yours/ You’ll never know when you’ll lose it.”

The surprising confessions in “Lord Listen” describe the rapper’s uncertainty even as she’s praised by the public, a world away from the invincible image of a freestyle champ. But Stress bounces back with the confident swagger and raised middle finger of grimy street cuts like “I Used To,” “Who Am I,” and “Almost Made It,” which features Sonny Brown and Ogun. Surviving Life is full of passion, pain, anger, and love—an album you can bump in your ride, kick back and smoke to, and take a lesson from all in the same day.

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