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Muse: "MySpace Jumpoff"

Muse: "MySpace Jumpoff"

Label:Clinton Parks/
Release Date:2006
Genre:Hip Hop/Rap

By Jess Harvell | Posted 9/6/2006

MySpace--it's not just for pedophiles and emo kids anymore. Now that everybody is chilling at Rupert Murdoch's "place for friends," it was only a matter of time before hip-hop developed a MySpace jones. And sure enough, the last few months have seen mixtapes drop with titles like Dirty South Top 8 and Trapspace. But all pale in comparison to the first fully fledged MySpace hip-hop anthem, Grafh's "MySpace Jumpoff."

Grafh is a New York rapper with a husky, dexterous up-North flow who would have spent the rest of his career bouncing between mixtapes and failed major-label deals if he hadn't written the first rap song about internet booty calls. (Though if anyone got there before him, letters to the usual address.) A friend in Queens recently sent a digicam snap of a "MySpace Jumpoff" T-shirt in the front window of her local "Stop Snitchin'" emporium. This goofy-ass song could become as ubiquitous as Jeezy's constipated snowman.

The lyrics are so good--by which we mean dumb--that we're tempted to quote them in full. But here's a sample: "With this all-star to make you check my page/ And you love my songs and all the mess that I say/ So you sent me a text and I replied `Yes I may'/ Amen/ Now I read that text/ OK, it said somethin' somethin' somethin' somethin' somethin' sex/ That's the only words that I remember in the text/ Started on the keyboard and ended on your flesh." The rest gets kind of gross, so caveat emptor.

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