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Wolf Eyes: Human Animal

Wolf Eyes: Human Animal

Label:Sub Pop
Release Date:2006

Wolf Eyes play the Talking Head on Oct. 9 with John Wiese and Twig Harper.

By Jess Harvell | Posted 10/4/2006

Wolf Eyesí Human Animal is the kind of record that will get you angry looks if you play it at work, that will make your partner rethink shacking up with you, that will have your parents asking, gently and worriedly, if thereís anything you need to talk about. Rusty, tetanus-ridden, clammy to the touch, and swarming with rats, Human Animal sounds like it was cut in the room that Saw took place in on the killerís off day. Itís music for people who think the problem with metal and hardcore is that they didnít go far enough, and noise for people who thought "skate or die" was more than just a catch phrase.

Wolf Eyesí inhuman production schedule--dozens upon dozens of hastily cut records released in dozens upon dozens of formats every year--makes a bloodied hash of the idea of "legit" releases, but Human Animal is the groupís second on Sub Pop, and so itíll get reviewed in the glossies (and alt-weeklies) while equally disturbing records on HereSee and Hanson are left to the noise dude underground. Less Grand Guignol than the groupís 2004 Sub Pop debut, Burned Mind, Human Animal is the difference between the cut-rate, gore-soaked slasher flicks and the cut-rate, dread-soaked stalker flicks that used to line video store walls in the early í80s. Long stretches of ill, chain-dragging-along-a-corridor ambiance is suddenly interrupted by shrieking, retching noise and the Australopithecus rhythms and queasy garbage-heap dub that make Wolf Eyes some of the best bodyrocking music around. "The Driller" was even released on handy 12-inch disco single format, so everyone can get down to the sound of a bone saw taken to a shipís hull.

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