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Christy and Emily: Gueen's Head

Christy and Emily: Gueen's Head

Label:The Social Registry
Release Date:2007

By Raymond Cummings | Posted 9/5/2007

Here's how the wide-open, nautical sounding Gueen's Head, the sitcom-length debut from the Brooklyn, N.Y., duo of Christy Edwards and Emily Manzo, rolls: delicately splashing ice-bucket vibraphones and organs; indistinct guitar churn and strum; intermingled femme vocals; an inviting, watery spaciousness that never verges on precociousness. It's also a warm synthesis of Edwards' honed rock instincts and Manzo's more classical bent. "Noah" smelts, stirs, and slurs blurred keyboard strokes, spindly guitars, and voices that never quite harmonize; "Island Song" is not exactly what it purports to be--a tantalizing bit of lei/luau/bongos exotica that turns out to be about forgiveness.

Elsewhere, lyrical visions of stolid emotional fidelity--or at least honesty--and cooler weather flicker in the duo's heads. The first sentiment offered in the thin, stately "New Years" is, "When winter winds are blowing, and nights are dark and cold." The jittery, humming "Thunder and Lightning"--which brings to mind Painful-era Yo La Tengo minus the lunging forward motion--winds down with assurances that "Bad news/ Bad news never gets me down," and a plea repeated almost as often as the song's crusty melodic motif: "If you don't love me, tell me." Gueen's Head plays like a carefree celebration of daydreaming, despite a topical undercurrent of despair. Who couldn't love them?

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