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Wzt Hearts: Threads Rope Spell Making Your Bones

Wzt Hearts: Threads Rope Spell Making Your Bones

Release Date:2007
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Wzt Hearts

Wzt Hearts plays a CD-release show Sept. 22 at the Talking Head with Thank You and Microkingdom. For more info visit


By Bret McCabe | Posted 9/12/2007

Wzt Hearts Threads Rope Spell Making Your Bones (Carpark) This local improvisation-leaning, electro-acoustic noise monster has gone and done something brash with its Carpark Records debut: crafted a seven-song record of luscious, baroque, and rippling beauty. Threads Rope is such a head/shoulders leap forward from the unleashed desires of Wzt Hearts' 2006 Heat Chief debut that you wonder if the band so tired of the live assault vs. recording ooze many reviews mentioned when dealing with it that they found a way to transmogrify its exothermic stage presentation and redirect that combustible tumult inward. What it comes up with stands within a tiny terrain where Christian Fennesz overlaps with Musica Elettronica Viva and Bernard Parmegiani--a scarcely populated forest of sound.

From the warm opening crinkle and burn of "Hassler" through the sizzle fizzing inside "Hearth Carver" and liquid passions reverberating around the Grand Canyon-wide open expanse of "Viszla," Threads Rope is an experimental electronics and percussion album filled with songs that deign to offer sensual pleasures. Tracks range from just under three minutes to just shy of eight, slyly packing Wzt Hearts' idiosyncratic textures and timbres into piquant, almost pop song-sized reductions. "Lava Nile" is a fine example of the alchemy the group pulls off here: under the hovering static concocted by electronics sculptors Jeff Donaldson, Mike Haleta, and Jason Urick, drummer Shaun Flynn carves an anxious faux rhythm, percussion that loses any sense of meter the very moment it feels like something rhythmic emerges. Live, the song would accumulate sprawl, noises, and tension like a runaway snowball turned avalanche; here it slowly establishes a peculiar limbo and fades out. It doesn't venture too far into the unknown, yet leads you far enough that finding the exit is no small feat.

"Viszla," though, is the real eye-opener here. What sounds like another one of the band's fissured electronic descents into atmospheric misanthropy almost imperceptibly turns inside out at about the four-minute mark, growing vinelike into ornate, insouciantly pulsating minimalism. Wzt Hearts up to now has bored down fecund mine shafts of layered sound systems steered by percussive thrust; with Threads Rope the band demonstrates a control over its monolithic sound, as if realizing that large-scale abstract canvases are as much about restrained choices as they are about density.

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