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Dave Nada: Kick Out the Jams

Dave Nada: Kick Out the Jams

Label:T and A
Release Date:2007
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Dave Nada

By Michael Byrne | Posted 10/10/2007

DJ Dave Nada is an impressive populist behind the decks. At various clubs between Baltimore and Washington, Nada is proving himself at least three nights a week to be a damn fine party-starter, deftly mixing in everything from club to indie-dance cuts to please a growing mess of stylishly clad feet. Even if this means hearing !!! and Justice a little too often, Nada can make shit happen on a dance floor.

The release of Kick Out the Jams means Nada can spend an extra night or two at home and still make it happen: DJs in town should be lining up for this. Jams is as populist a production work as Nada is a DJ. The remix of "Fat Bottom Girls" speaks for itself--and, unlike certain other DJs mentioned on this page, at least Nada calls it a remix--a looped sample of the chorus over a breakbeat, a "pass me the jiggle/ the motherfuckin' jiggle" cut, and a helluva sing-along break for the title song's chorus in its delicious entirety. The EP's other two remixes, Unk's "Back it Up" and the Notorious B.I.G.'s "Running Your Mouth" are likewise gems, and "Spell On You" with its ripped Arabian striptease hook--you know the one--rock break and hectic, heavy, and skittering beats should end up a crate staple. Expect Nada to climb the DJ ranks quickly.

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