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Dawning Fears: Snuff Circus

Dawning Fears: Snuff Circus

Release Date:2007
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Dawning Fears

For a copy of Snuff Circus send $1 to Now Music for Then People, 1318 Asbury Rd., Baltimore, MD 21209 along with a one sentence summation of [your] first sexual experience.

By Bret McCabe | Posted 12/5/2007

This is what we know about Dawning Fears. It's the project of the Charm City Suicides' first drummer, John Browning. It's fabulously titled Snuff Circus release-debut? Most recent?-comes in plastic cassette case Labelmate labeled and featuring a photocopied image of a man at his wit's end with a line of soulless people falling in behind him. And that's it. No idea who-if anybody-else plays on it. No idea what the songs are called. No idea when it was recorded. And taking the nanosecond required to keyword search "dawning fears" and "Baltimore" yields two hits-both featuring the same lack of information. Guess this tape is gonna have to speak for itself.

And, boy howdy, does it. On the evidence of this cassette, Dawning Fears is an instrumental project created by a person (people?) who have either spent a great deal of time listening to Nurse With Wound and/or Henry Cow and/or the Sun City Girls in a basement while eating nothing but foraged wild mushrooms-or merely by that someone (somebodies?) who heard just a snippet of any of those once and thought, "Fuck: I can do that." The seven (guesstimate) tracks covering two-thirds of one side of this 90-minute tape caterwaul through outright garage noise stomp to restrained-beast chain and knuckle dragging to third stone from the sun cosmic jazzbo cocktail hour to screeching tribal voodoo war-whoops to it-rubs-the-lotion-on-its-skin-or-else-it-gets-the-hose-again just whatinthefuck is making this infernal racket and does listening make me an accomplice to something I can't take back? In other words, it's right fucked up, and we have no idea how to tell you where you can get your own copy.

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