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Blood On The Wall: Liferz

Blood On The Wall: Liferz

Label:The Social Registry
Release Date:2008

By Michaelangelo Matos | Posted 2/20/2008

Spirit is a lot of what makes great rock 'n' roll, and it's the reason some revivals of older styles catch while and others don't. If you want an example, block out a half-hour sometime and put on the new Blood on the Wall. The first thing you're likely to notice is that the album, Liferz, their second, doesn't contain a single thing you, rock fan, haven't heard at least a couple times before--a lot more than that if you were weaned on the sizable chunk of '90s college radio devoted to Matador Records and its spawn.

The second thing you'll notice is how much fun this Brooklyn, N.Y., trio--brother-sister guitarist-bassist Brad and Courtney Shanks, who both sing, and Miggy Littleton, drums--has (re)making it. "Rize" rides a choky-jangly rhythm guitar as loose as the earliest Pavement sides; a soaring buzz riff powers the Pixies-ish "Acid Fight" ("Is it my face? It's my face, isn't it?"); and you could do a version of the old family-gathering fortune-cookie "game" of putting the same words at the end of every song description on Liferz--rather than "in bed," here it'd be "through a wall of fuzz." For example, "The Ditch" calls up the Rolling Stones' version of Slim Harpo's "Shake Your Hips" from Exile on Main St. with a far straighter rhythm . . . and moaned through a wall of fuzz. Or, "Junkeee . . . Julieee . . . " grinds to a climax that propels . . . through a wall of fuzz. See? It could go on.

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