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The Agrarians: Meet We the Medicine

The Agrarians: Meet We the Medicine

Release Date:2008
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The Agrarians

By Michael Byrne | Posted 4/16/2008

"Take this drug, fall from above!/ feel the satisfaction of his love!" the Agrarians' Matt Perzinski sing-talks at the tail end of this, their sixth album. The exclamation points are added only in the disc's utilitarian, black and white photocopied liner notes; save for a slight curve up on the register, he's not exclaiming. It should give you some idea just how stoned--and how murkily mixed--the record is that that volume exists only on paper/whatever's going on in Perzinski's head.

Inside that head, you can easily imagine a whole mess of bright swirling colors, brief scenes from Magical Mystery Tour, and the kind of primitive free-associative thought that happens best under a few warm blankets of cannabis blear. Meet We the Medicine is, more or less, an extremely hazy rock album. Though sometimes it ventures even further and the Agrarians slip surreptitiously into an almost comically pastoral forest folk, where the album's already sparse percussion (many thin drum machines) quits, leaving Perzinski singing nakedly in a queer ren-faire lilt over a muddle of guitar melody and organ smear ("The Shadow Plays") or folk strum ("Circumvent and Invitation").

For the most part, Medicine is a satisfying ride; the melodies are pretty and plenty enough to balance out the obtuse, and frequently hilarious, lyrics about doin' it: "Talk to me secretary/ whip me/ ride you" and "Hot Vinyasa is my mantra/ coast to slid in/ a safely hid sin." The drum machine, however, while something of an MT6 scene signifier, is a real drag when deployed so often in music that just wants to be free and, you know, get laid.

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