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The Chavy Boys of London: Money Lotion Volume 5: At the Controls Pt. 2

The Chavy Boys of London: Money Lotion Volume 5: At the Controls Pt. 2

Label:Money Studies
Release Date:2008
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The Chavy Boys of London

By Michael Byrne | Posted 6/4/2008

OK, we're a couple of months late on this one, but a record this solid isn't going to slip by without comment. The Chavy Boys of London is a joint effort between Unruly Record heads/Baltimore club originators Scottie B and Shawn Caesar, along with Unruly protégé and one of club's current golden producers King Tutt. It's a formidable trio to say the least, and Money Lotion Volume 5, the fifth installment in bicoastal record/culture outlet Turntable Lab's DJ-centric label, is nothing if not a crate necessity: a summertime windows-down, bumper-rattling tool. That is, assuming this makes it on the radio. Right now it's vinyl only.

While the rock remixes are all over Baltimore club export labels such as Flamin' Hotz, Hollertronix, and Money Studies itself, the Chavy Boys handle a wicked fun and bold range, starting with the track credited only to Scottie B, a raw mix of Salt-n-Pepa's "Push It," which is a pretty obvious club mix; the original's intro is a step away from a club snare lead. But Scottie B could make any song into an obvious club track. The two gems here go far beyond that. "Ofra Bhangra"--dunno the proper source of this one--is eyebrow-raising, dominated totally by its Hindi vocal and a plinking, quickly repeating guitar melody. The breakbeat doesn't punch through quite like you expect, and the track is all the better for the restraint. Its slo-mo effect could do wonders in a mix.

The EP is really all about "Request Line," however, a remix of Skream's "Midnight Request Line," which ups the track to club tempo, strips out the distorted electronic edges and deep dubstep bass line, and turns the melody into a hyperactive flutter--one of the best club/hybrid tracks heard this year. We really hope the Chavy Boys keep chasing this kind of stuff to work with.

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