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The Wire Orchestra: Corinridinheedinridintrombone

The Wire Orchestra: Corinridinheedinridintrombone

Release Date:2008
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The Wire Orchestra

By Raymond Cummings | Posted 6/4/2008

Serious question: In an age when podcasts, MP3s, and even entire albums are so accessible, legally and illegally--when musical choice has hit its democratic peak, provided decent internet connection and enough time and curiosity--is the eclectic late-night radio program even relevant anymore? Like the telephone booth and the cassette tape, the very concept feels hopelessly antiquated, a relic from an era that's all but over. If released 15 or 20 years ago, a multigenre album like Corinridinheedinridintrombone would register as an avant-weirdo excursion; in 2008, its wanton, rambling randomness carries a nostalgic charge for the sleepless, FM-dialed-in twilights of yore.

The Wire Orchestra operates as a sort of MT6 Records supergroup, a coalition-of-the-curve ball for intramural zaniness. In addition to label head Alex "Newagehillbilly" Strama, Tony Heroin, Chin Forces, and Chief Pokawa pitch in. "Square Roots" opens with bloodcurdling yowls, gonglike drones, and a deeply insomniac query: "Do you have any idea why the spectural bandwidth of Saturn's third moon . . . has anything to do whatsoever with the sexuality of the Earth?" The reply, which is even more loony tunes than the question that launched it, unfolds against macabre outbursts--"My children are not safe in your fucking city!"--and scary brass ripples. Ambient drift battles glitchy viruses and loses on "Evolution," which comes across like Skinny Puppy remixing Aphex Twin remixing the Orb. Plucked, wilting scales ride twin rails of scowling feedback bass and snare-happy drums on "Blades." "Cheerz," a loosely stitched, Fender Rhodes piano-heavy jam, brings to mind Tago Mago-era Can, right down to the indecipherable hollers. "Tanksarestrong" mates thumping early-1990s beat loops--think 2 Hyped Brothers and a Dog's hit single "Doo Doo Brown"--with psychedelic guitar showboating and dialogue worthy of Barkley's Barnyard Critters. Sure, Corinridinheedinridintrombone is overspiced gumbo, but that recklessness is the whole blessed point. With so many options and so many ways to absorb information, isn't it nice to cede complete control to total strangers for 45 minutes?

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