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LindstrÝm: Where You Go I Go Too

LindstrÝm: Where You Go I Go Too

Label:Feedelity/smalltown Supersound
Release Date:2008

By Michaelangelo Matos | Posted 8/20/2008

Here's a good way to gauge whether a dance-music DJ is earning his keep: If you notice that the music sounds exactly the same as it did 10 minutes before, he probably isn't. Maybe that should apply to multipart techno symphonies as well, with the intervals coming apart more like every four minutes. The title track of Where You Go I Go Too, the new album by Scandinavian n%uFFFD-cosmic-disco linchpin Hans-Peter Lindstrom, passes that test for most of its 29 minutes. The first seven build to a locked groove, and even when, about 16 minutes in, he loses the beat and pads around on the rings of Saturn in his socks and Underoos, he's still savvy enough to rev back up to full strength around minute 23. By then it's all encore, but it's such a relief to have the groove back that he can jog in place in terms of moving things around the sound field and no one could care. So he kind of does, and then it skids calmly to a halt for two minutes.

And that's over half the album right there, but "Grand Ideas," the second of a whopping three cuts here, picks right up and deposits us onto the set of Tron. Icy programmed synth plinks turn in Spirograph patterns as electro-toms rumble under the beat. Ready, set, charge--nice, if somewhat directionless. Then "The Long Way Home": 16 minutes long, superfast bongo loop that evokes stars shooting past as seen inside a space shuttle, simple melodies floating ahead that evoke a guy without much left in him beyond the need to stretch things out. Different things happen, sure. Whether those things are worth caring about is a different question.

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