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DJ Kahled: We Global

DJ Kahled: We Global

Release Date:2008
Genre:Hip Hop/Rap

By Al Shipley | Posted 10/1/2008

With no significant mu-sical contribution to his own records beyond some boisterously shouted ad libs, Miami radio personality DJ Khaled has become something of a name brand by gathering popular Southern rappers together for big, triumphant posse cuts. It's hard to respect him as anything other than a glorified A&R rep who happens to get his name on the record cover, but when the results are as great as previous singles such as "We Takin' Over" or "Holla at Me," you can't knock the hustle.

Unfortunately, Khaled's hit-making formula runs dry on his third album, We Global. A-listers such as T.I. and Lil Wayne who anchored his previous efforts are absent, and few others step up to occupy the spotlight. "Blood Money" is a marvel of incompetence: Four rappers appear, but Rick Ross, Brisco, Ace Hood, and Birdman can't come up with a single hot line or competent flow between them. Even the usually worthwhile production duo the Runners, who've helped define the bright, synth-driven sound of Miami rap, spin their wheels with several energetic but uninspired beats.

Oddly, just about the only listenable tracks on We Global are the ones that don't fit into DJ Khaled's usual regional wheelhouse. "I'm On" is a solid if unremarkable Nas solo track, and "She's Fine," featuring Sean Paul, Missy Elliott, and Busta Rhymes, sounds like it could've been a genuine hit, albeit back in 2003. By expanding his territory, Miami's loudest cheerleader has inadvertently made it sound like his city can't compete on a global level.

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