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Lee Coombs: Lot 49 Presents Lee Coombs: A DJ Compilation

Lee Coombs: Lot 49 Presents Lee Coombs: A DJ Compilation

Label:Lot 49
Release Date:2008

By Michaelangelo Matos | Posted 10/29/2008

It's hard to know quite what you're listening to when Lot 49 Presents Lee Coombs is playing. Sure, at one level it's about as straight down the middle as superclub-ready, breakbeat-driven techno and house gets, with a virtuosic array of bass tones: blurting and zipping at the same time on Dopamine's "Come Closer"; as round, liquid, and slippery as mercury, only to re-emerge after the breakdown covered in snakeskin, on James Harcourt's "Galia Melon (Lee Combes Remix)." But there's something haphazard about it. One minute Coombs has chosen to make us suffer through Drama Society's "Crying Hero," a track that rips off Underworld and Depeche Mode so baldly that it ought to become the president, and also a member, of the Hair Club for Men. Yet when "Come Closer" comes in, its bionic bass and skipping beat make it sound like the best stupid good time ever, and like maybe lightening up is a good idea.

That's the push-pull throughout Lot 49 Presents: Either you're cringing because something like Elite Force's "Engine"--laser synths! In-and-out low end! Fantasy-flick ambience! Dungeons and Dragons dance music!--is so bloody obvious, or you're assenting to the whipping riffs and fuzzy dude singer wailing at the center of Aaren San's "Oslo Nights (Blende Remix)." Breakbeat is generally some of the least self-conscious of dance styles, and in the moments when this connects it's refreshing. But for starters, maybe next time fewer dumb-ass processed "menacing" male-voice overlays that sound like they're reading sci-fi comics captions, OK?

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