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Various Artists: Ante Perry Presents Flashing Disco Sounds

Various Artists: Ante Perry Presents Flashing Disco Sounds

Label:Moon Boutique
Release Date:2008

By Michaelangelo Matos | Posted 10/29/2008

What does "disco" mean? In 2008, you'd think it would be hammered in place: the mirror balls, the gooey orchestration, the overrun on suburban nightclubs, the usual-suspects run of hits, the riot at Comiskey Park, the queasy denouement. And especially given that club music's most feted worldwide trend is re-edited disco tracks tweaked till they give up more juice than was often in them to begin with--compare the Bee Gees' arid "Love You Inside Out" with Cole Medina's lush, lustrous reworking--a compilation titled Flashing Disco Sounds would seem to promise just that kind of audio delectability.

Nope: Most of this compilation is minimal techno. It's not especially severe; some of it, like Stereotyp's "Keepin' Me (Fauna Flash Remix)," leans toward pop a little. If it's at all disco, it's in the sense of the kinds of synth-centered tracks that proliferated around New York in the immediate aftermath of disco's mainstream boom-and-bust. This tendency is most obvious in something like Still Going's "Still Going Theme" a 12-inch from last year on DFA Records, whose simple keyboard hook and buoyant bounce make it sound like the smartest anonymous aerobics workout tape soundtrack ever devised.

Some of the barer stuff is quite nice, as with Ilario Alicante's "Vavaciones En Chile," which is built on a simple Spanish guitar figure, the slim beat and syncopation bolstering it expertly. But it's hard to deny that the more filled out a track on here is, the more satisfying it tends to be. If anything, Perry's own work tends more toward big-room trance, as with "Human You," credited to Perry Vs. Tube and Berger. You know how the early '90s are starting to replicate themselves in rock records? The mid- to late '90s may be doing the same in dance.

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