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Howard Gourmet Deli

Address:701 N. Howard St.
Baltimore, MD 21201

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By Michael Byrne | Posted 11/19/2008

This little, plain-looking breakfast and lunch nook opened some two months ago, right under our noses in Mount Vernon, and we're kicking ourselves for not discovering it sooner. While junk-food-happy sandwich and burger spots seem a dime a dozen in Baltimore, it's nice to see one giving some more attention to veggies and artful sandwiches, and absolutely everything else, too. The menu is massive, featuring seven different salads, 12 kinds of wraps, too many sandwiches to count, omelets, and even some entrée/dinner-type options (hot roast beef, fish fillet). We sampled the veggie castle, a bursting package of avocado, cucumber, Swiss cheese, and your usual veggies in a sun-dried tomato tortilla. Not bad for five bucks, and it comes with a small bag of chips and a pickle spear. Best thing is we could probably eat here every day between now the new year and not have the same thing twice.

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