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Circle Research: Who?

Circle Research: Who?

Label:Melting Pot
Release Date:2008
Genre:Hip Hop/Rap

By Michaelangelo Matos | Posted 11/19/2008

Chances are you've heard a couple of records very much like this one before. Circle Research, aka Astro the Guillotine and Nix the Finger Prince, is a hip-hop DJ duo from Toronto, and Who? is a collection of snippets--most obvious, a few not quite recognizable, with a handful of jokey new verbal bits thrown over the top of a handful of the mostly minute-long tracks. ("Interlude #1" features a phone-bank cold-call: "We were just wondering if you'd be able to help out with a small donation which would enable Circle Research to continue with its incredible scratches and cuts." "No" is the response.) Though Girl Talk has been used as a reference point, Who? is more along the lines of a pairing of Madlib and Prince Paul, the wooly, truncated feel of the former meshed with the latter's penchant for brightly-colored deadpan comedy.

The pairings are more matter-of-fact than "zomg"--for example, on "College Street Crush," the early drum-machine beat and glossy keyboard line of George McCrae's 1974 disco masterpiece "Rock Your Baby" with a couple lines from "Crimson and Clover" (sounds like a woman singing, so maybe not Tommy James's version, but not likely Joan Jett's either). The longer version on Circle Research's spring-issued Who? EP--that's not confusing at all, guys, thanks a bunch--is what you'll want to find to bask in the groove some more. But here it's a peak among many, cool in temperament as well as in degree of knowledge.

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