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Naomi: Love is Good

Naomi: Love is Good

Label:Too Sistas Records
Release Date:2001
Genre:R & B
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By Lee Gardner | Posted 7/25/2002 6:00:00 PM

With its mellow undertones and seductive rhythm patterns, local R&B singer Naomi's debut, Love Is Good (Too Sistas), provides a comforting backdrop for a lazy afternoon or a midnight conversation. Thanks to strong tracks that complement Naomi Smith's Diana King-esque voice (credit due to producer/co-songwriter D.K Grei), you might even forget that the record is playing--not necessarily a bad thing for good mood music. But you won't forget for long: Naomi has put together an album that demands your attention.

The introductory "Life" and "Live Life," the opening track proper, get the album off to an uneven start, but they do succeed at putting you off guard for what Naomi has to offer from track three on, which is a whole lot of lovin'. Life Is Good breaks into a new space when Naomi croons over the captivating pulse of "Believe in Me," the first tune in a seductive suite that carries her all the way through "This Is What I Know" and "NaNaNa." After she has seduced you, she teases you with "I Like," an interlude that could have made a successful track all by itself. By the time you get to the title track, listening to Love Is Good feels like finding out that the person you had a crush on in high school actually knew your name. The singer adds another phat-ass interlude ("You Don't Talk 2 Me"), tells you how happy she is ("Happy"), asks you to dance with her on "Love Is Good (Dance With Me)"--and you realize that Love Is Good is good.

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