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Omar-S: Fabric 45

Omar-S: Fabric 45

Release Date:2009

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By Michaelangelo Matos | Posted 4/8/2009

In lieu of lyrics, techno has discourse. Take the latest volume of the London dance club and label Fabric's storied DJ mix series, helmed by, and featuring only tracks by the youngish Detroit techno producer Omar-S. For one thing, it's the third album of only one artist's material Fabric has released--the first two being Pure Science's 2002 Fabric 05 and Ricardo Villalobos' 2007 Fabric 36. Omar-S professed to techno web zine Resident Advisor in February, "I don't even know who Ricardo Willalobo is"--the equivalent of asking Rolling Stone why everyone likes Bob Dylan so damn much--yet he has managed to build more attention for a set of recombined 12-inches that were mostly obscure the first time around than even a veteran DJ might have achieved. If this guy really isn't paying attention to what every other techno producer is doing--unlike, oh, every other techno producer alive seems to be--the thinking is that maybe he's got his own, totally unique take on everything.

Well, not quite. Fabric 45 is a very listenable CD, but it's more a showcase than a mix. Omar-S, the producer, shines, from the gelatinous synth tones and garbled wailing (Omar's own) of "U," to the clipped blips of "Oasis 13 1/2," to the endless, whizzing spirals of the aptly named '08 dance hit "Psychotic Photosynthesis." But Omar-S, the DJ, doesn't offer much in the way of surprise or artfulness in the way he juxtaposes everything: This could just as easily have been an unmixed compilation, and in some ways it might have been better off as one.

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