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Get 'Em Mamis: Terawesome Mixtape

Get 'Em Mamis: Terawesome Mixtape

Label:Darkroom Productions
Release Date:2009
Genre:Hip Hop/Rap
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Get 'Em Mamis

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Posted 6/17/2009

Right now, Darkroom Productions Westport wonder-duo the Get 'Em Mamis have a vague "coming soon" listed as the release debut for what's become a very hotly anticipated album. In the hip-hop world, that's not exactly heartening. Fortunately, in hip-hop, "hotly anticipated" doesn't mean we're ever likely to hang out for too long with our hands empty--often there's a mixtape to keep us sated and salivating. And the Mamis are very good at that. A good deal of what's on this mixtape, and will eventually be on the album, has already been released/teased in the year or so since the Mamis appeared on the Hamsterdam mixtape and started steadily rising in renown/hype: the Madonna mixtape, videos for "Work" and "Roc Wit Me," and a handful of downloads including this mix's gem "Cold Summer."

"Real world gleam/ got my lips all frost bit. . . my pinky ring so icy you can mix drinks with it," starts "Cold Summer," over a sublimely weird beat with a big "brrr" jumping out less like a vocal exhortation than a cartoon or video game character's interpretation of it. With its weird shuffle and some busy, organic percussion, the track is a top summer-jam contender. It's followed up by a nice remix of Beyoncé's "Diva," but we have to point out that a diva is not a female version of a hustler. Also, in the remix column--which is less than a third of the mixtape, nicely--is the Mamis' kinda awesome and somehow not-at-all-limited-to-novelty rhyme over Madonna's "Music." Originals include the pounding, barking DJ Booman-assisted "Roc Wit Me" and the aggro "Work" with its beehive synths and "you better work bitch!" chorus. Some of the Mamis' stuff is honestly kinda foreboding, or maybe just really blazed, but right about now it's hard not to think of this stuff pumping out a rolled-down car window. It'd be a damn shame having to wait through the summer for the eventual Ter Awesome album.

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