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Pissed Jeans: King Of Jeans

Pissed Jeans: King Of Jeans

Label:Sub Pop
Release Date:2009
Genre:Indie Rock

By Michael Byrne | Posted 8/12/2009

Pissed Jeans jabbed itself into the indie sphere right about the time cerebral/arty/well-calculated bands such as Wolf Parade and Deerhoof were in their waning days of dominance. The four-piece, hailing from Allentown, Pa., signed on with Sub Pop for 2007's Hope for Men and turned quickly into a kind of indie-rock Antichrist, playing raw, caveman punk-rock--noise-rock, but unintentionally so--that channeled, heavily, the Jesus Lizard. It was more than novel, it helped save us from so much sweltering pretense. But, now, we've got the Wavves dude slurring "I'm bored" in as many variations as possible, a thousand and one more anti-virtuosity bands recording themselves in closets, and damned if the actual Jesus Lizard isn't back together.

And now, Pissed Jeans is back with a new album, and it sounds an awful lot like what it was up to two years ago. Thank g-d. After listening to X number of "lo-fi" bands over the past couple of years, it turns out that, hey, Pissed Jeans can actually play its instruments and sound even more reckless and give-a-fuck-less than the next Times New Viking clone to drop out the underside of the warehouse circuit. The band sounds more angsty here than nihilistic--not as concerned with being "ashamed of my cum" so much as getting some sleep and other stuff of the everyday. Songs are skilled and varied, from the stoner churn of "Dream Smotherer" to the icy blues licks of the plodding "Request for Masseuse" to furious shredding of "Dominate Yourself"--really, about every song on here gets into some kind of angry, breathless riff at some point. And if it's surprising to hear a band this off-the-rails cathartic that's actually, well, good at stuff, it's probably our own damn fault.

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