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Sri Aurobindo: Return Into Earth

Sri Aurobindo: Return Into Earth

Release Date:2009
Genre:Psychedelia/Space Rock
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Sri Aurobindo

Sri Aurobindo plays the Golden West Café Oct. 16 with MoMo and DJ Jason Willett. For more information visit

By Bret McCabe | Posted 10/14/2009

In two words: teepee rock. That's not intended as a knock one bit, merely the most succinct distillation of the shamanistic, 32-minutes-and-change single track contained on this new release from local psych quartet Sri Aurobindo. As in, when the leaders of the industrialized civilizations finally succeed in the mutual destruction of each other and their perceived Arab enemies out of sheer, heedless stupidity, these four blokes will be huddled up with a group of autochthonous peoples, led by He-Who-Laughs-Last and She-Who-Sees-the-Unseen, to repopulate the world with a more civilized, advanced species. And they'll be doing it in a motherfucking teepee.

Perhaps "Return Into Earth" will be their soundtrack. It's the sort of free-flowing, multi-part, pushing and pulling tambourine and hand drums, banjo-and-flute morass that starts off like pieces of a dream coalescing in your mind before slowly picking up tempo and layering on the drones and building into some fuzzed-out guitars and head-slapping cymbals, the sort of odyssey that you heard bubbling out from under the door or your high-school friend's older sister's room after she came back from that summer in Chicago and she always seemed to smell like bubble gum and Dr. Pepper and wore clothes that a year before you totally would have dismissed as dirtysmellyhippy but, for some reason, now they just look sorta exotic and as far as you can tell the only reason why has to do with that sound reverberating from her turntable, which has grabbed you by the gonads and squeezed until the only thought that mushrooms in your head is This is weird and fucked up, followed quickly by Where do I get mine? Alas, though, this CD EP is just the one track.

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