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LindstrÝm and Christabelle : Real Life Is No Cool

LindstrÝm and Christabelle : Real Life Is No Cool

Label:Smalltown Supersound
Release Date:2010

By Michael Byrne | Posted 1/6/2010

Lindstrøm is a gold-standard Norwegian producer of powerfully fuckable, interstellar tech-disco music (frequently with Prins Thomas); Christabelle is his longtime vocal contributor, a darkly sexy, disembodied vocal force that makes Glass Candy's Ida No sound low-voltage. Together and double-billed on an entire album for the first time, the pair's produced 10 songs, seven of them new, of alluring quasi-pop that could move from an ecstasy-fueled, dim and glittering dance floor to FM radio. Genre unmoored, it makes for one of those clever electronic-dance records--like Modeselektor's, say--that's transcendently slippery, reaching musically disparate ears in a similar way.

So, it's not really fair calling the choppy, cut-up opener "Looking For What"--a sultry groove sparingly overlaid with porn-flick guitar and piano--a red herring. But it drops so heavily on the irresistible follow-up "Lovesick"--all anthem, big beat, bass, and handclap--you'd be forgiven. A delicious party jam, the cut's a virus waiting to happen and, if Christabelle whispered "I'm lovesick/ can you hear its boom?" to you this way in a club, promise you'd lose all muscular control.

"Baby Can't Stop" was the initial single from the pair for Real Life Is No Cool, and its six minutes is maybe the record's heaviest retro kick, making peak-time disco love with cheesed-up synth bass, a horn section, chcka chcka chcka guitar, and Christabelle's not-too-cool-for-you soul-star singing. Maybe they're crossing over into some LCD Soundsystem alternate reality at times, but, even when they do, it's a much brighter and more interesting one.

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