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Jonny Blaze: "Here We Go"

Jonny Blaze: "Here We Go"

Release Date:2010
Genre:Club Music
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Jonny Blaze

By Michael Byrne | Posted 2/17/2010

On a list of words least likely to be found in a Baltimore club track, put "heck" near the top. But Jonny Blaze is an unlikely DJ, a devout Christian who essentially makes Southern gospel versions of club music. Here, he unleashes a track that, like Rod Lee's "Dance My Pain Away," runs through a gamut of day-to-day shit-that-drags-you down, but unlike all those other "sinful" tracks, Blaze gives it up to the Almighty. Hate to call it a novelty--it's not like this is first devotional club number the old-schooler's delivered--but Jonny Blaze also delivered the "SpongeBob" remix. "Here We Go" puts Jonny Blaze in the remarkable position of being an indispensable club artist, but one that's keeping his fire stoked totally outside the thematic mainstream of club. (For more information, visit

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