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Microkingdom: "Too Soon to Know"

Microkingdom: "Too Soon to Know"

Release Date:2010
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By Michael Byrne | Posted 2/24/2010

If there's a complaint to be had with last fall's Splice Today compilation Baltimore Does Baltimore Part 1, it's that the Baltimore being done--as in covered, remixed, re-imagined, etc.--is actually pretty small. That is, not many of the 10 artists contributing looked too terribly far for source material. Microkingdom, the molten out-jazz duo of Marc Miller and Will Redman, looks way back and handles the Orioles' classic R&B ballad "It's Too Soon to Know." The result is, well, faithful in a really particular way, with a clarinet taking over for the original's tenor croon, but with the Orioles' sultry groove traded for loose, rolling drums; the whole thing peaks in a clattering free-jazz climax with little hints here and there of guitar, and even an electronic groan. Microkingdom hasn't so much taken the song over but liberated it

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