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The Schwarz "Heap the Bitch"

The Schwarz: Heap the Bitch

Release Date:2010
Genre:Hip Hop/Rap

The Schwarz performs at Deep In The Game at the Hippo March 9. For more information visit

By Michael Byrne | Posted 3/3/2010

Before Owl City there was Imogen Heap--if you can imagine the Owl City dude's crappy older sister making saptronica for British squares and The O.C. soundtrack. The source material for "Heap the Bitch" is Heap's "Hide and Seek," a track so overblown and cheesy it wound up part of a Saturday Night Live-spawned internet meme a couple years back--and a number of other remixes. The ironic Baltimore club track is nothing new, but Schwarz' cut-up/club handling has the weird side effect of kinda/sorta being, well, not all that ironic and actually good. Which is still small consolation for the track implanting that effing "Mmmm, whatcha say" hook back into brains after everybody once thought themselves finally free. ?

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