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Future Islands: "In the Fall"

Future Islands: "In the Fall"

Label:Thrill Jockey
Release Date:2010
Genre:Indie Rock

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Posted 3/17/2010

Guest Katrina Ford sounds great on this lead single from Future Islands' forthcoming sophomore full-length. Putting her amazing set of pipes together with Sam Herring's powerful, weird, and rather theatrical vocals feels pretty natural, but it also has the side effect of giving Herring's voice a different sort of gravity, a new approachability and earnestness. "In the Fall" is a two-ton synth ballad--a big bass-drum thump brings the track up to a slow lope, but not much more. Gerrit Welmer's production sounds like it has advanced by leaps and bounds since 2008's debut Wave Like Home; it's denser and more thoughtful. On the earlier songs, you noticed that Future Islands didn't have a drummer; the programmed percussion felt like it was trying to make up for something live. Now, Welmers sounds more comfortable making electronic songs, really hunting out the potential of a full production kit. Expect a much more mature Future Islands on this spring's record.

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