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Yukon: Life Inside

Yukon: Life Inside

Release Date:2010
Genre:Indie Rock
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Yukon plays the Windup Space April 17. For more information visit

By Michael Byrne | Posted 4/14/2010

Such a bizarre, inscrutable band. Is this math-rock? Mutated prog? Maybe it's just some future strain of jazz music. In any case, it's rather different from the previous incarnation of Yukon heard on 2008's Medallion. Tempos and rhythms shift and change guises like Superman and Clark Kent, veering from severely arrested, tense passages to segments of free and loose drumming and tightly wound guitar lines. Imagine a big snarl of extension cord balling itself up and releasing in as many different ways as possible over six minutes. And included in that snarl is a vocalist veering between a kind of Peter Jeffries resigned gloom and a powerful, straining instrument.

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