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Sri Aurobindo: Soul Vibrations of Man

Sri Aurobindo: Soul Vibrations of Man

Release Date:2010
Genre:Psychedelia/Space Rock
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Sri Aurobindo

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By Michael Byrne | Posted 4/14/2010

Good lord, if you're listening to this and there isn't a cloud of something floating around the room, well, you're doing it wrong. Sri Aurobindo makes a kind of psych-rock so heavily stylized and molded in the image of whatever bands the Doors were listening to, it's almost '60s weed-rock theater. This one's off the band's upcoming full-length on the new Friends Records, and it's a catalog of wah-wah play fused to next-room-over indecipherable vocals, and that kind of bass guitar that sounds like it's riffing behind a pillow. The vocals are a weird and almost-angry texture in the song, but the music and the lo-fi recording itself suggest a take it easy fog--in the end, feeling like a trip a little too close to going south. Suggested uses include blasting from a car stereo at a bonfire, receiving a tarot reading, and gazing at all of the colors.

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