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Nachtmystium: Addicts: Black Meddle Part II

Nachtmystium: Addicts: Black Meddle Part II

Release Date:2010
Genre:Hard Rock/Metal

By Michael Byrne | Posted 6/23/2010

Just when you get into black metal--like slow-seeping, teeth-grinding, pure-loathing black metal affection--something like Addicts: Black Meddle Part II comes along and offers a bizarro shortcut through. Like, not olive branch-qua-shortcut as in Liturgy or Wolves in the Throne Room--the latter a worthy band whose idealized fan Nachtmystium ripped in a recent interview: "new-school dreadhead black metal kid, a little art guy from Brooklyn"--but an album that delights in pissing off true-school black metal people just as hard as its creator delights in harshing on extreme metal's new trendspotting followers, or plain old new converts.

Part of the Nachtmystium paradox of no-appeal meets mass-appeal has to do with just plain not sounding new or hip, while at the same time sounding nothing like anything in traditional or black metal. Rather, Addicts sounds like a '70s psych-rock album written and recorded under heavy, heavy current black-metal influence. Kaleidoscopic synth lines move over broken-glass vocals on "No Funeral"; bell-clear classic-rock guitar riffs and more backdrop synth chasing around behind bursting, dancing snare on "Ruined Life Continuum"; closer "Every Last Drop" sounds like Pink Floyd wrestling with Sunn 0))) and Burzum in a pit.

About halfway through comes "Then Fires," a favorite notable for its big ballad chorus, which finds frontman Blake Judd scraping out the lyrics, "Take the light away/ we destroy the day/ in darkness, we burn." Just in case anyone, for a second or 10 songs, forgot what exactly Nachtmystium is about. There's a darkness more powerful than a synthesizer.

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