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Lands and Peoples: "In Living Colour"

Eric Gonzalez
Lands And Peoples

Lands and Peoples: "In Living Colour"

Release Date:2010
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Lands and Peoples

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By Michael Byrne | Posted 6/30/2010

A really gorgeous song of guitar radiance, skyscraping vocals full of oooo oooo oooooos, and a loping shimmy of a beat. That aside, it feels an awful lot like a Beach House song of yore, what with the lightly ghosted vocals and dreamily effected guitar. But the song does make an interesting shift in tone a couple of times when everything breaks out of the clouds for a louder, grittier, and sorta psych breakdown. The track, off the recent Friends Records comp, Friends and Friends of Friends--no word yet from Steve Hefter on the title nick--is also wicked short at two-and-a-half minutes. It'd be interesting to see where a non-truncated version might go.

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