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Craig Sopo: "Drawl"

Craig Sopo: "Drawl"

Release Date:2010
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Craig Sopo

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By Michael Byrne | Posted 6/30/2010

The monthly More or Less parties have been done for more than a year now, but More or Less the record label is keeping the techno-Baltimore torch--or at least the techno-Baltimore match--burning strong in a dance-music community dominated by genre-omnivores/hybrids or trend-followers. Basically, save for the house or EBM, a local dance night, record label, or even mix can't safely tag itself as anything. If you're not an insider to any of the genres, the result might just be better in the end. Time will tell. Anyhow, this is Craig Sopo's third release for More or Less, and he's consistently shown himself to be techno's local gold standard. He's also a seriously uncompromising producer: "Drawl" is nearly eight and a half minutes long, starting out in shy, brooding tones--like an air raid siren almost out of batteries--before really waking up into heavy thumps and jittery beat matrices. It's that foggy tone that makes for the track's sort of centerpiece and, maybe I'm a bit too attention-span starved myself, but "Drawl" feels to be missing something, not a hook so much as just more personality.

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