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Volcano, I'm Still Excited!!!: Volcano, I'm Still Excited!!!

Volcano, I'm Still Excited!!!: Volcano, I'm Still Excited!!!


By Raymond Cummings | Posted 2/18/2004

"I'm standing in your drive way/But you're not home yet/ I've been waiting here since last night/ But you're not home," sings Volcano, I'm Still Excited!!! frontman Mark Duplass midway through his band's first full-length, before yelping a cheeky "Wha-oh-oh-oh." The Police may have unearthed restraining-order rock with its 1983 hit "Every Breath You Take," but Duplass is angling hard to become stalk-pop's new prince. Every other keyboard-driven song here is desperate enough to raise eyebrows, yet simultaneously so catchy that it's impossible not to join in when the choruses leave orbit.

When he isn't busy tailing ladies who appear in his dreams or pondering whether the love of his life could be in the trunk of his car or under his bed, Duplass plays litigation roulette--if you asked him who the other participant in the incestuous and inappropriately anthemic "Joe Jaxon" was, he'd probably reply, "LaToya Jaxon"--or generates deceptively soothing thermal swells by repeating a double-tracked phrase or three, doing the same with simple organ and/or guitar lines, and gradually upping the volume (see "Goodbye, Casio"). Duplass delivers his confessions in the blunt, robo-tone Weezer's Rivers Cuomo sometimes affects, while the music is a hybrid of that band and Spoon, who share Volcano's tendency to leap from the stereo as though your entire neighborhood should already worship their songs.

It's only a matter of time before this record is slammed for influencing a new generation of creeps--but at least they'll have something worthwhile to sing at Central Booking.

Volcano, I'm Still Excited!!! plays the Talking Head Feb. 24.

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