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The Convocation Of...: The Convocation Of ...

The Convocation Of...: The Convocation Of ...

Label:Vermin Scum
Release Date:2001
Genre:Indie Rock
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The Convocation Of...

By Daniel Piotrowski | Posted 4/4/2001

Universal Order of Armageddon, Moss Icon, the Great Unraveling, Born Against, Behind Closed Doors--when you consider the list of bands to which members of the Convocation Of . . . have belonged, it's hard to fathom that the group has just three members. The band marks a new chapter in the long punk/underground rock career of singer/guitarist Tonie Joy, the common link among most of the bands listed above. Although Joy, bassist Guy Blakeslee, and drummer George France have been playing and touring together since 1998, their slowly nurtured self-titled album on Vermin Scum marks the band's recorded arrival on the national scene. Prior to the new full-length, Convocation had only one previous release--a 12-inch single of remixes on Gold Standard Laboratories, the original versions of which are included on the new album.

Instead of just re-creating the sound of any of the members' past projects, the Convocation of . . . builds on its history by combining elements of hardcore, math rock, and emo-core to create a sound comparable to that of bands like Unwound, Shellac, and Hoover. The brunt of the trio's impressive musical force comes from the intricate tension between Blakeslee and France; the rhythm section worries long repetitious buildups throughout The Convocation Of . . .'s eight tracks. That said, all of the album's songs sound familiar, and also a little similar. What saves them, and thus the recording, is Joy's innovative and unpredictable guitar work, which allows the band to experiment and improvise freely from cut to cut. However, Convocation could easily do without Joy's vocals, which are intermittent and seem secondary to the trio's instrumental dynamics. For all its relentless potency, the Convocation Of . . .'s instrumentation might be better served by letting it stand without words. (Vermin Scum, P.O. Box 22202, Baltimore, MD 21203)

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