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DAT Politics: Go Pets Go

DAT Politics: Go Pets Go

Label:Chicks on Speed

By Marc Masters | Posted 7/28/2004

It’s tough to decide whether to hug the members of France’s DAT Politics or puke on them. The trio’s sweetened, child-like electropop can reach a distorted beauty akin to the twisted lullabies of the Residents. But while that legendary ensemble always dips its nursery rhymes in darkness, DAT Politics too often just try to be cute, overselling their sugary smiles into bratty annoyance. Near the end of the band’s fifth album, Go Pets Go, Nathan Michel tiptoes through the lyric “Flowers/ I’m looking for lovely flowers” in the most faux-naive voice possible, making it hard not to hope that he and his cloy partners never come back. Or that they at least find some manure instead.

Luckily, Go Pets Go includes enough crunchy beats and aural inventions to make it semi-bearable. For each sickly tune (“Micro Rainbow,” which sounds like a Casio preset that didn’t make the factory cut) is a Daft Punk-goes-to-preschool stomp (“This Way” or the roughed-up whine of “Cat Polk”). But even on the densest tracks, DAT Politics are unable to shift gears, resulting in half-songs that are really just rhythmic workouts, more like a run on a treadmill than a dash through a forest. Maybe the members of DAT Politics need to watch some David Lynch, or maybe they just need to make shorter records, but until they darken their lighter side they’ll never be more than half-good.

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