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Glenn Jones: This is the Wind That Blows it Out: Solos for 6 and 12 String Guitar

Glenn Jones: This is the Wind That Blows it Out: Solos for 6 and 12 String Guitar

Label:Strange Attractors

By Marc Masters | Posted 8/4/2004

The first solo album by Glenn Jones, guitarist for wide-ranging instrumentalists Cul de Sac, initially feels like mere mimicry—an earnest but unoriginal homage to the acoustic folk of Robbie Basho, Leo Kottke, and Jones’ friend and collaborator, the late John Fahey. As with Fahey’s best records, though, repeated listens to Jones’s nimble This Is the Wind That Blows It Out reveal buried layers of thought more complex than simple tribute.

This Is’s prospects seem slim at the outset. Jones begins the album as if it’s an instructional record; the opening title track sounds like a compulsory finger-picking exercise, while the second tune, “Sphinx Unto Curious Men” takes nine minutes to resolve the little tension it can muster. Things turn quickly, though. “Friday Nights With” is a poignant journey that evokes a slow tracking shot down a smoky New England road, “Fahey’s Car” features wiry slide work that burrows deeper as the track rolls forward, and “The Doll Hospital” is a sprawling mixture of pastoral plucks, urgent chords, and multiplied melodies. By the time Jones reaches a clanging, hard-strumming peak on the fiery “Nora’s Leather Jacket,” it’s hard to believe all this sound is coming from one guitar.

The overflowing ideas on This Is suggest Jones has more to say. Hopefully his first entry into today’s burgeoning club of Fahey descendants—artisans like Steffen Basho-Junghans, Jack Rose, and Currituck County—won’t be his last.

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