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Leprechaun Catering: Lychees and Kumquats

Leprechaun Catering: Lychees and Kumquats

Release Date:2004
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Leprechaun Catering

By Bret McCabe | Posted 12/15/2004

The duo of Jason Willett and Tom Boram achieve the near impossible with Leprechaun Catering’s debut: completely out-of-pocket tweakery overstuffed with dance hooks. What kind of dancing is the mirthful question, and Lychees and Kumquats’ bubbling ruckus of gurgling tones and rhythmic gibberish—hardly anything on this album sounds like a discreetly recognizable sound, the closest satellite in its orbit being the Boredoms’ Pop Tatari—doesn’t care how you shake your money maker, only that when you dance your mess around you don’t care how ridiculous you may look. A great a philosophy to live by if there ever was one.

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