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Graham Coxon: Happiness in Magazines

Graham Coxon: Happiness in Magazines


By J. Bowers | Posted 3/9/2005

Remember Oasis vs. Blur? Remember when Blur’s Graham Coxon had that big tabloid argument with its lead singer, Damon Albarn? And Coxon quit the band? Well, if you do, and you still care, here comes Happiness in Magazines, Coxon’s fifth solo album and American debut, in which the bespectacled guitarist indulges in gratuitous, masturbatory guitar solos and howls tuneless Cockney-tinged satire about the Britpop era, cocaine consumption, and his “Hopeless Friend” (ahem). “Freakin’ Out” is a cheesy ‘80s arena anthem. “People of the Earth” is a horribly misguided attempt at punk rock. And in “Girl Done Gone,” Coxon uses his disturbingly nasal, reedy, unpleasant voice to sing the blues. All of this aside, it’s safe to say that Happiness in Magazines will restore your faith in music, because after exposing yourself to this, almost anything else sounds fucking terrific. Seriously. Even that Gorillaz record.

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