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Ash: Meltdown

Ash: Meltdown


By J. Bowers | Posted 3/16/2005

Ash frontman Tim Wheeler has Bono Syndrome. Meaning, every song on the Irish surf-pop-punk quartet’s fifth full-length album, Meltdown, ends in an obvious rhyming couplet. Case in point: “I think my brain is gonna overload/ I think my head is gonna explode.” Or a not-so-obvious one: “The time is right to deviate/ the supernatural cannot wait.” Do what now? That said, if you can get past the grade-school lyrics, and you have a craving for cheesy sun-drenched sci-fi-themed guitar rock, a few Meltdown tracks hit the spot. “Evil Eye” pairs crunchy riffage with a handclap-inducing chorus. “Orpheus” features saccharine-sweet boy/girl vocal harmonies, courtesy of second guitarist/sexpot Charlotte Hatherley. And the album’s standout track, “Vampire Love,” finds Ash doing what it does best, combining horror-movie imagery with solid, unsurprising guitar licks and a chorus designed to be shouted at high volumes. In this sense, Meltdown isn’t quite a nuclear disaster, but it’s also just another Ash album. No surprises here.

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