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Pita: Get Off

Pita: Get Off


By Marc Masters | Posted 3/30/2005

Since the mid-1990s, the unclassifiable music of Peter Rehberg (aka Pita) has been consistently successful. His first album won the prestigious Prix Ars Electronica, he’s helped run the influential Mego label for more than a decade, and he’s performed around the globe. Still, his work seems almost neglected compared to the similarly inventive sounds of his former Mego label mate Fennesz. While Fennesz’s records deserve the mounds of attention they’ve received, Pita’s four albums are just as strong.

Get Off, the third record in Pita’s “Get” series (following 1999’s Get Out and 2002’s Get Down), is his best so far. Where the previous two were more aggressive, Get Off takes a subtler tack, massaging abrupt noises into deep drones, without ever buffing off their edges. Cuts and beats are at a minimum, yet the volume of ideas in Pita’s arsenal has actually increased. Tracks such as “Eternal” and “Like Watching Shit on a Shelf” build slowly, fading textured clatter forward in subconscious increments. But Off isn’t just drones: “Resog 45” mixes chunks of abrasion with reverberating clicks, while “Babel” collects jolts refusing to congeal easily, and “Luzthm” generates wobbling waves of mechanical blurt.

“Retour,” Off’s closing track, is strangely similar to “Happy Audio,” the final piece on Fennesz’s Endless Summer. Where Fennesz morphed his waves into a choppy denouement, Pita does the opposite, melting noise-dots into a wash of high-pitched drone. It’s tempting to draw conclusions from the comparison, but regardless, Pita’s imaginative work continues to astound.

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