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Demon's Claws: Demon's Claws

Demon's Claws: Demon's Claws

Label:P. Trash/Dead Canary
Release Date:2005

By Andrew Earles | Posted 5/11/2005

Just when you thought that nothing else could be done with garage rock, well, you were absolutely right. That’s why the Demon’s Claws have done the honorable thing: eschewed all of the cute accessories that the genre has picked up (power pop, new wave, cracker blues, and more ill-used new wave) and strapped on watches that stopped in 1995 at an Oblivians/Cheater Slicks/’68 Comeback show. Or maybe they just missed all of the flair because they’re French Canadian, and there’s some weird dimensional misalignment making next year 2113: The Year Garage Rock Started Scaring People Again and wiping 2003: The Year Garage Rock Lost a Set of Grapes from their musical history books. So, yeah, the Cheater Slicks’ Don’t Like You is flashing some brights in the Demon’s Claws’ rearview, but damn it if this record isn’t a little more phobic of structure—though not as red-line loud—than the Slicks, and loving of an emotional and elementary caterwaul (think sentiments that are carved into public park rest-room walls). So much talk of primitivism has been directed at the stripped-down set since Tav Falco, the Cramps, and Pussy Galore started bringing it into the hipster vortex. The Demon’s Claws are the next chapter, fitting into the time line all in the name of a mess that sounds as if it just hit your girlfriend over the head with a rock and carried her back to a hollow tree . . . all for love.

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