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Vast Aire: The Best Damn Rap Show

Vast Aire: The Best Damn Rap Show

Label:Eastern Conference
Release Date:2005
Genre:Hip Hop/Rap

By Makkada B. Selah | Posted 5/18/2005

As the CD sleeve explains, The Best Damn Rap Show is not the follow-up to New Jersey representer and Cannibal Ox member Vast Aire’s 2004 solo debut opus, Look Mom . . . No Hands (his sophomore effort proper is expected this fall). No lie: This 12-track stunner is as much producer Mighty Mi’s record as it is Vast Aire’s.

The flavor is analog from start to finish—very, very back in the day, “I wanna go outside in the rain” back in the day. The Dramatics’ classic “In the Rain” backdrops “Aire Maestro,” one of four instrumental interludes in which Mighty Mi lets loose, cutting and scratching and revealing his affinity for old soul—the kind Pete Rock picks. And Vast Aire is as quizzical as C.L. Smooth with his conditional statements: “If this were first grade/ then I would crumble your poem” (“Buck 50 Express”); “If rap is poison/ then I’m the antidote” (“Taboo”); “If you’re Spider-Man/ then I’m the alien costume” (“What Goes Up”).

Mighty Mi really comes through beatwise on “Taboo,” the break-dance-able “Buttafly Knife” ( with its “Put your hands where my eyes can see”-ish bass line). And on the battle rap and a half “Fighter Pilots,” airmen Tame One and Vast Aire are “tighter than Ernie and Bert,” with Vast Aire taking Dark Sith-like control of the competition. So, “for y’all thinking that Jersey was just a shirt,” you just got served.

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